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Loggia Columns

No matter which options you choose to personalise your Loggia conservatory there will be no compromise on any aspect of manufacture and design:

  • The design of the columns allows for seamless integration of side windows and doors and masonry elements.
  • With a range of options available, you can achieve exactly the style of Loggia you want. Available in either large or small sizes to suit your building, there is also the option to mix or match to suit your chosen design.
  • Columns can be sited in a number of places around the perimeter – at 90 degree external corners, inbetween frames, either side of door openings or at the abutment to your property.
  • Additional detailing is available at the base of the full height Loggia columns, with a range of options to personalise your new living space and harmonise with your pathways and landscaping.
  • Loggia full height columns - depending on locality - feature traditional structural steelwork and are anchored to the foundations for absolute structural integrity, it is more robust than a conservatory.
  • Columns that sit next to the existing wall (abutment columns) have an integrated hidden ‘pocket’ where a rainwater pipe can be concealed to drain the roof. Much better than having a wall-mounted rainwater pipe, which can be unsightly.
  • Internally, Loggia’s construction is just like a real room, with a plastered finish just like traditional masonry.
  • With Loggia, nothing is left to chance. On the 90 degree corner columns, we input your postcode on our sophisticated analysis software U-design. This then calculates if additional structural support is needed and if so, seamlessly adds enhanced support: a) where the column integrates with the foundations and b) when items such as bi-folding doors are integrated.
  • Loggia columns are superinsulated and precision engineered, with a U-value of only 0.15W/m2oC, making them twice as efficient as a normal insulated cavity wall and 10 times more effective than typical window glazing.
loggia columns
Conservatory Outlet - A Quality Network

Conservatory Outlet - A Quality Network

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