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Style & Solidity

No matter what you prefer, visually, the Loggia will go beyond your expectations. The combination of light and sky with the corner columns solidity to give it serious inner core strength as well as the internal plastered walls and ceilings create a genuine room feel.

The roof and window glazing have got their U-Value badges and therefore add to the comfort of your new extension with warmth during the winter whilst keeping the room cool during the summer. There is 10 times more heat lost through a window than through a Loggia column, its thermal performance is very impressive. On a Loggia 4 column construction heating costs are less than half of that of a standard conservatory. The Loggia columns are super – insulated with a core of Styropor carbon-enriched EPS, giving you exceptional insulation performance and strength.

You will be able to choose how much light and sky you want to enjoy with the various options regarding the length of window panels, including floor to ceiling or windows combined with walls. You may be thinking that all these options and the quality we are describing must take a long time to create, this isn’t the case!

Loggia constructions are completed in shorter timeframes than expected without any compromise on quality. There is also the time saved on planning permission as there are no requirements with Building Regulations which will save time. There is also time saved with the use of columns instead of awkward brick-to-brick piers.

Loggia conservatories use only the finest quality materials on the internal specification, your Loggia will last for many years as it will possess an inner strength and solidity. Loggia full height columns - depending on locality - feature additional structural steelwork and are anchored to the foundations for absolute structural integrity, this will make your Loggia conservatory 4 times sturdier than the standard conservatory alternative.

The columns offer the flexibility of various siting options, integrating glazing and plastering perfectly and creating a well – constructed extension that will add considerable value to your home.


style and solidity
Conservatory Outlet - A Quality Network

Conservatory Outlet - A Quality Network

Conservatory Outlet is an established UK wide network of home improvement companies, specialising in the installation of superior quality double glazing windows, replacement doors, conservatories and bespoke orangeries.

As ambassadors of the Conservatory Outlet brand - Clearview Home Improvements in Cheshire & Lancashire has demonstrated an unrivalled commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. In return Conservatory Outlet provides Clearview with the most revolutionary and sought after home improvement products currently available, which are produced to the highest industry standards.

Throughout the UK, our logo is a trusted hallmark which guarantees your total satisfaction and peace of mind when you choose Conservatory Outlet for your home improvement.

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