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10 Reasons for Buying a Conservatory

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Conservatory Outlet offer fantastic rates on Conservatories and have created a list of 10 reasons to buy a conservatory.

1/ Conservatories offer some great features

What are you looking to accomplish with buying a conservatory? If you’re looking at your options for change you can move, build an extension or add a conservatory.

In the current housing climate the housing industry is fairly weak, therefore selling your property could be a difficult task. Adding a conservatory will not only give you extra space, it will increase the value of your home by a substantial amount when you decide the time is right to move on.

2/ What are you using it for?

It is important to think what you will be using it for, whether an office, a place to relax, an area for your plants, a social gathering area or anything else – this will make designing the conservatory go smoother.

3/ Flexibility with Conservatory Ideas

There are websites built to help you come up with ideas. Nowadays conservatory companies offer a massive amount of flexibility with the designs and will help you in every step of the way of your conservatory.

4/ Many Conservatory Designs

There are a large amount of designs available. From the old fashioned victorian or edwardian designs, to the lean-to design, to the t-shape and even the newest contemporary conservatory-esque design – Orangeries.

All designs have their advantages and it’s a good idea to discuss your wants and needs for the conservatory with our industry professionals.

5/ Get a RESPECTABLE quote

Many companies offer you online quotes. A lot of these websites will take your details and then sell them on the a 3rd party, meaning you’ll be rung by a strange salesperson, without having the ability to research them or even know anything about them.

Rest assured, you can request a free Conservatory Quote online and be handled in a personal manner from all respectable companies.

To avoid these sites that sell on your details, refrain from searching for terms such as “conservatory quote” and “conservatory price” and instead search for bigger terms such as “conservatories, “conservatories” or if not using the internet then go with either a respected or local dealer.

6/ It might be a good idea to look local.

A lot of local installers can offer very good deals. They can also be much easier to get follow up service from. These can offer a more personal experience rather than big corporations.

7/ Time

You should ask the company you choose to give you an estimated time and make sure it does not clash with any plans. An standard length of time for a general conservatory would be around 4-6 weeks.

8/ Finance Deals

Most companies will offer some finance options, allowing you to pay later, or in installments. Make sure to ask about this with the companies you find.

9/ Furniture and extra items.

Additional items which you may not think of at the time become essential once the structure is complete. Some retailers offer these products as well and can give you a good price. Yet another thing to think about.

10/ Guarantee

Conservatories are big and expensive extensions to a home, they need a good guarentee. Something like 5 years really is not long enough. You need a 10 year guarentee on a conservatory for full peace of mind.

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