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Finding The Right Home Extension This Summer

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We are just a few weeks away from the official start of summer and our conservatory designs are selling like hot cakes!

It is because people love the idea of having an extra special place at home to unwind in a beautifully warm atmosphere.

If owning a conservatory is something you have long aspired to do and you want one for summer then you’d better be quick.

Clearview has a host of home extensions

We have the most eclectic selection of conservatories in the North West, so picking a design is difficult.

You may find it a little less problematic after reading our short descriptions of the many types of home extension available at Clearview.

Edwardian Conservatory


You can expect a huge amount of head space inside an Edwardian conservatory due to the high pitched roof. Within its square or rectangular shape is a series of flat walls that come in handy for those wanting to add a sofa or shelving inside the design. This is perfect if you fancy having the conservatory act as a supplementary living or dining area.

Victorian Conservatory


Victorian conservatories have been in existence for over 150 years, but their appeal has endured, probably because of their exceptionally attractive design. They particularly complement older residences and are built in either a hexagonal or octagonal shape. The curved front of the Victorian conservatory gives you a beautiful perspective of the outdoors.

Lean-To Conservatory


The Lean-To conservatory is more condensed than most conservatory designs which makes it the perfect solution for those living in a bungalow or home with a low-pitched roof who are eager to expand. They are also sometimes referred to as a garden room or sun room and are bigger inside than you’d expect.

Gable Conservatory


The main talking points of a Gable conservatory are its elevated roof and elegant sightlines. Its generous size makes it a popular option for those living in bigger houses. Part of the reason it feels so substantial is because lots of natural light gets inside and leaves the whole space feeling energised throughout the day.

P-Shape Conservatory


You can see very obvious nods to the Lean-To and Victorian conservatory designs in the P-Shaped conservatory which comes 3 or 5 sided. The shape is favourable for those wanting to utilise the conservatory for two different purposes. For instance, you could use one section as a dining area and the other as a lounge.

T-Shape Conservatory


It won’t come as surprise when we tell you that this particular design has a T-Shape. The great thing about the forward projection is that when inside it you will feel amazingly close to your garden. The T-shape also means that like the P-Shaped conservatory, you can use it as two separate rooms whenever the urge is there.

Veranda Conservatory


You can have the best of both worlds with a Veranda conservatory. Both the indoor and outdoor environments can be enjoyed at once thanks to the Veranda area which is cleverly sheltered by an overhanging roof. In summer, the lengthy roof will provide a lovely bit of shade so you can sun yourself without getting burnt.



Jaws dropped when the Loggia was first unveiled to the world a few years ago and it continues to cause the same sort of reaction now. A cross between a conservatory and orangery, the Loggia boasts ornate solid corner columns and the most intricate detailing ever seen on a conservatory. It is the work of the best British engineers and Italian designers.



We regularly have people ask us “what is the different between a conservatory and orangery?” The main difference is the brickwork utilised in an orangery design which helps it blend in with its respective home. Crafted from UPVC or aluminium, the orangery will add a touch of class to any property.

Don’t leave it too late. Buy a Clearview conservatory now

We’re ready and waiting to supply you with a FREE quote so that you can experience the pleasure of conservatory living this summer and beyond.

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