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Why Not An Orangery?

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A lot of people might find themselves debating whether to have an extension or a conservatory installed on their home for a little extra space. An extension can require extensive work and a headache with planning permission, a conservatory is easier, but there is a third option that not everybody considers, an orangery.

This could be the perfect option for those caught in the middle, and here’s why. An orangery has almost all the benefits of a conservatory with large windows and an open, bright space for your home that can be enjoyed during the summer or winter. Similar to a conservatory it also isn’t governed by quite a stringent planning permission laws as an extension.

Orangeries also employ a glazed roof similar to that of its conservatory brethren, however the extra brickwork normally means that it fits in with your homes aesthetic and blends with the pre-existing brickwork, creating a look as though it was always part of the house. Although we can assure you our conservatories are very stable and secure, the use of extra bricks makes an orangery a more robust building!

A typical Orangery, much like a conservatory will stay warm all year round, the glass we use is designed to keep the room cool in summer during the heat and warm throughout the winter months, so cast aside any notion of it being a seasonal room. Call today on 0808 149 3450 to find out more about our amazing Orangeries.

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